Ilford Id-11 Fine Grain Film Developer 5Lt

Rp 550.000

Product information Ilford ID-11 fine grain film developer for 5l Product type (b&..

Ilford Simplicity Film Fix, Rapid Fixer of 100ml

Rp 100.000

Product information Ilford Simplicity Fixer 100ml Each sachet* contains the correct amount of p..

Ilford Simplicity Film Kit Row (Starter)

Rp 349.000

Product information Ilford Simplicity Film Kit ROW The Ilford Simplicity Starter Pack contains ..

Magic-box C-41

Rp 380.000

Beginner kit consisting of concentrates for color developer, bleach fixer and stabilizer bath for th..

Magic-Box E-6

Rp 400.000

With the Tetenal Magic-Box E-6 color slide films can be developed quickly and safely at home, based ..

Neofin Blau 6 vials

Rp 250.000

Concentrate: 50 ml´s Type: Sharpness Enhancing-Fine Grain ..

Tetenal Colortec 2 bath kit C41 2.5L

Rp 1.300.000

Colortec C-41 Negative Kit Rapid 2 Bath - Easy to use colour negative process incorporating the late..

Tetenal Colortec 3 bath kit E6 2.5L

Rp 1.200.000

Colortec E-6 3-Bath Kit - 3-Bath Technology. Simplified processing of all E6 films. Exceptional stab..

Tetenal Colortec RA-4 5L

Rp 1.175.000

Chemicals for machine development. Processes 2.5 sq/m of paper per liter of chemistry. Odorless. Eas..

Tetenal Indicet

Rp 360.000

Odourless stop bath with indicator. Comfortable working conditions for those who are sensitive to od..

Tetenal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic

Rp 158.000

Antistatic wetting agent (dilution: 1+400) for b/w films. Ideal as glazing agent (Glanzol) for fibre..

Tetenal Paranol S

Rp 190.000

Paranol S is an outstanding Film Developer based on p-Aminophenol with extremely high acutance and..

Tetenal Stab-Bnp 1 Liter

Rp 490.000

Replenishment rate: 40ml/135-24.10 x 10 Litre or 20 x 5 Litre. Stabiliser & Replenisher STAB-..

Tetenal Superfix Plus 1 L

Rp 330.000

Tetenal Superfix is a highly-concentrated, non-hardening fixer for all black & white films ..

Ultrafin 0,25 L

Rp 225.000

Tetenal Ultrafin liquid is a versatile black and white film developer. This one-shot developer has a..

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