BW Chemicals

Compard R09 spezial 120ml

Rp 160.000

Compard R09 Spezial is a fine-grain developer for black and white negative films. R09 Spezial balanc..

Harman Direct Positive FB glossy 4x5

Rp 760.000

Description Product information Harman Direct Positive FB glossy 4x5" (10.2x12.7cm) 25 sheets ..

Ilford Ilfostop Stop Bath

Rp 473.000

Ilford Ilfostop is an acidic stop bath for black and white films and papers. Ilfostop is low odor, w..

Ilford Ilfotec HC

Rp 1.200.000

Description Product information Ilford Ilfotec HC 1l Product type (b&w/color):..

Ilford Multigrade Developer

Rp 600.000

Description Product information Ilford Multigrade developer 1l Product type (b&..

Kodak T-Max Developer

Rp 400.000

Kodak T-Max is a universal negative developer for black and white films. T-Max is optimized for Koda..

Kodak XTOL B&W-film developer to make 5l

Rp 332.000

Kodak X-Tol is a hydroquinone-free powder negative developer. X-Tol delivers complete speed yield, g..

Micro Focus Finder

Rp 700.000

Product information Paterson micro focus finder Product type (b&w/color): uni..

Neofin Blau 6 vials

Rp 250.000

Concentrate: 50 ml´s Type: Sharpness Enhancing-Fine Grain ..

Tetenal Indicet

Rp 360.000

Odourless stop bath with indicator. Comfortable working conditions for those who are sensitive to od..

Tetenal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic

Rp 158.000

Antistatic wetting agent (dilution: 1+400) for b/w films. Ideal as glazing agent (Glanzol) for fibre..

Tetenal Paranol S

Rp 190.000

Paranol S is an outstanding Film Developer based on p-Aminophenol with extremely high acutance and..

Ultrafin 0,25 L

Rp 225.000

Tetenal Ultrafin liquid is a versatile black and white film developer. This one-shot developer has a..

Ultrafin T-Plus 500ml

Rp 400.000

Concentrate: 500 ml´s Type: Kompensating-Finest Grain-Speed Enhancin..

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