Produk yang memenuhi kriteria pencarian

Ilford Delta 3200 120 (1 rol) Exp 3/2021

Rp 230.000

DELTA 3200 PROFESSIONAL is an ultra-speed black and white film, ideal for fast action and low l..

Ilford Delta 400 120 (1 rol) exp 11/2021

Rp 160.000

ISO 400 high speed film giving images with extraordinary depth and dimension, DELTA 400 PROFESSIONAL..

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 135-36 (1 rol) exp 10-2025

Rp 135.000

HP5 PLUS s a high speed, medium contrast film making it especially suitable for action and press pho..

Ilford XP2 400 Bulk

Rp 2.400.000

Ilford XP2 Super is a high-speed monochrome color negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 40..

Kodak Tri X 400 120 (5 rol/pack) Exp 08/2018

Rp 520.000

It is hard to describe exactly the look of a Tri-X picture. Words like “grainy” and “contrasty” capt..

Kodak Tri X 400 135-36 (1 rol) EXP08/2021

Rp 151.000

Sebastião Salgado has long relied on KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X Film to express the human condition as..

Lomography Babylon Bw 35mm - 36exp 1 roll

Rp 159.000

Description Product information Lomography Babylon Kino B&W 13 35mm 36 exposures Product type ..

Lomography Bw 100 Postdam 35mm

Rp 155.000

Description Product information Lomography Potsdam Kino B&W 100 35mm 36 exposures Product type..

Neofin Blau 6 vials

Rp 250.000

Concentrate: 50 ml´s Type: Sharpness Enhancing-Fine Grain ..

Proses BW Film

Rp 70.000

Proses BW negative film (Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta, Kodak Tmax, Kodak Tri X, Fuji Neopan, Rollei, etc..

Rollei RPX 400 135-36 (1 rol) EXP11/2026

Rp 110.000

The Rollei RPX 400 is a traditional high speed black and white film that is a good choice for a vari..

Tetenal Indicet

Rp 360.000

Odourless stop bath with indicator. Comfortable working conditions for those who are sensitive to od..

Tetenal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic

Rp 158.000

Antistatic wetting agent (dilution: 1+400) for b/w films. Ideal as glazing agent (Glanzol) for fibre..

Tetenal Paranol S

Rp 190.000

Paranol S is an outstanding Film Developer based on p-Aminophenol with extremely high acutance and..

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