Harman Direct Positive FB glossy 4x5

Harman Direct Positive FB glossy 4x5

Harman Direct Positive FB glossy 4x5

Kode Produk:ILF-HM
  • Rp 760.000


Product information Harman Direct Positive FB glossy 4x5" (10.2x12.7cm) 25 sheets

Product type (b&w/color): b&w
Paper base: fibre base (FB)
Surface: glossy
Contrast: variable
Paper size (cm): 10,2x12,7cm
Paper size (inch): 4x5
No. of sheets: 25

Harman Direct Positive is a medium-strength paper coated on a fiber base. Unlike traditional photo papers, which work by way of a negative, this paper gives a positive image when processed and saves the hassle of negative exposure and development. This feature makes the paper an excellent choice if you are working with a pinhole camera. Nevertheless, Harman Direct Positive FB paper can also serve as a replacement for sheet film in large format cameras. If you like to get creative and see some unusual effects you will love Harman Direct Positive paper. The paper is coated onto a bright white fiber base and creates prints with rich blacks, bright whites and sharp tonal reproduction. The image tone remains neutral in all viewing conditions. Processing is carried out using normal black and white paper processing chemicals with identical development times, but there is no need for an internegative.

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