Ilford Ilfotec HC

Ilford Ilfotec HC

Ilford Ilfotec HC

Kode Produk:ILF-Hc
  • Rp 1.200.000


Product information Ilford Ilfotec HC 1l

Product type (b&w/color): b&w
Package: Single package
Type: Liquid concentrate
Liquid concentrate in ml / l: 500ml

Ilford Ilfotec HC is a highly concentrated black and white film developer. Ilfotec HC is highly versatile. It is ideal for high-speed films. Ilfotec HC is characterized by short processing times and ease of use. It can be used in all process systems including tanks, trays and machines. A replenisher is available for machine processing. Dilution: 1 + 15 or 1 + 31 Yield: 5 films (1 + 31) or 10 films (1 + 15) per liter of working solution.

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