Tetenal Paranol S

Tetenal Paranol S

Tetenal Paranol S

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  • Rp 190.000

Paranol S is an outstanding Film Developer based on p-Aminophenol with extremely high acutance and high emulsion speed yield. Compatible with Agfa Rodinal.

0.25 litre conc. for max. 25 films 135-36

The abbreviation ā€œSā€œ stands for the excellent sharpness of this developer. Ideally suited for low to medium speed B/W (black and white) negative films.

Paranol S is a one shot developer and should be mixed to the required volume from concentrate and water only immediately before the developing process.

the NEW Paranol S, from Tetenal is an ideal alternative for Agfa Rodinal.

Mixing: 1 part concentrate to 25 or 50 parts water. The dilution varies according to the film material used and required contrast.

Agitation: 30 seconds agitation while continuously moving the developer drum in the first 30 seconds, afterwards agitation every 30 seconds.

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